Tired eyes, lit up soul

Have you ever been in love? Have you ever felt your stomach tumbling around just from the sight of someone? Have you ever been consumed with a certain name, a certain person and their actions? Love seems an amazing phenomenon, but theoretically, it’s just a series of chemical reactions in the brain. But, surely, it has to be more than that? I don’t want to believe this world is just that, black and white. I want to believe in energies, in horoscopes, in meditation and the power of the mind… I want to believe in love. I want to stop focusing on all the things that “need to be done” and just… love. And meditate. And read people’s stories of when they encountered a ghost or an angel. I want to read the wonderful tellings of people who’ve talked to God, who have seen mysterious happenings, who’ve been witnesses to miracles. I wish I was one of them. I want to be awakened to the fact that it isn’t all black and white and scientific. I want to give my life a new meaning, to focus on discovering the fascinating things hiding below the surface, that only few have access to. I think this is all done through love. Love for God, love for people, love for the Earth, love for life. Love doesn’t just mean loving your soulmate. Although I’m totally and utterly in love and have been for a few years, I still have lots of love left for the unkown. It’s beautiful to love. I’m a very sensitive person, I can’t live without giving and receiving love, warmth and care. I love to love him. It’s such a wierd thing to always think about one person, to be able to make exceptions for that person, to always want to help them and just give them unconditional love so they feel special. I wouldn’t give him for the world. I love the fact that he’s been by my side even when my acne was terrible, when I was slightly overweight, when I was crying my eyes out and screaming. He’s always been there and he’s always told me I’m the most beautiful person he’s ever met. We complement each other so well and I can’t even describe my feelings. It may sound lame and totally overrated, but love is amazing. Love is elegant. It’s infinitely more wonderful to explore the unknown with this sort of person by your side. I wish you all happiness!

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