Upside down frown

Like any human being, I have days when I feel everything crumbling around me, when everything seems so dark and gloomy and negative thoughts haunt my mind. But other days are just so fulfilling, so energizing, so amazing that the only thing they trigger are a flood of beautiful emotions, hope and love. I live for those days, just as I live for the people that mean most to me and the ones I love the most. A few bad days are worth living through for the breath-taking emotions that follow. Because if it weren’t for the bad days, you wouldn’t be as grateful for the good ones. Negativity is necessary for realizing that good exists. So live through the bad days, embrace them, learn from them, remember them, but never get caught up in them. Never remain in the dark sphere of your mind and let pessimistic thoughts consume you. Love all you are and all you are given.

4 thoughts on “Upside down frown”

  1. Right, I’ll try again! Your blog reminds me how hard it is to be a teen. You’ll come through, thanks to your parents’ care and your own gifts. You write well, and that can help or hinder us on bad days. Try this: write your experience as if from a different perspective, for example write as if you were someone else, or a fly on the wall, or as from the future. Then throw your words away. It can be fascinating. It gets you out of the dark parts. All will be well.


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