Breathe. Rest. Control your thoughts. Free your mind. Love. Live. Laugh. A few scientific recommendations that we are given for a happy life. We see this advice on social media, blogs and in books. It seems so facile, you couldn’t even doubt the fact that it doesn’t always work. I mean, how hard can it be to free your mind from dark, dark places? I’ll tell you. It’s terribly difficult. It tires you. It exhausts you. It nearly finishes you. That is if you’re so sensitive, you start crying when someone you love changes their tone of voice. If you’re so sensitive that you feel torn down when something goes wrong. I wish I could be like others, that can sleep their thoughts away. I can’t even sleep if something is bothering me. It’s so difficult to keep a smile on your face, to be okay, to not take everything to heart. Especially other people’s actions. I’m trying to not let myself get blown away into the dangerous zone of overconsumption, but I’m so light. My soul is too light, too full of love, so free of hate, too kind and tender-hearted, too forgiving. It is not healthy to be so light at soul, to not see negative in others, to not want to see the negative in others, to ignore it completely, just for the sake of not being hurt. I feel lost.

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