The hike on rocky mountain roads begins

You’re probably wondering about the title of my first post ever. I could have used the simple word “journey” or “road”, but I chose “hike”. Why? Because hiking is much harder than sitting on a bus or in the car, during a journey. It is much more wearying than walking on a road. It requires patience, balance and a special amount of strength. The unique soul inside each of us can be envisioned in exactly the same manner as what I mentioned above. It’s easy at the beginning of the climb, as a child, when we are oblivious to all the awful truths of life, but as you continue up the steep slopes, you run out of breath, you sweat, your stomach hurts, you are thirsty. But what about when you’re thirsty for love, for tenderness, for affection? It is effortless to fall into the trap of letting others be your guide to happiness. This is where balance comes into my story. It is unimaginably facile to let unnecessary thoughts take control of our mind, when we don’t even have evidence to support negative feelings. Patience. Pushing the overwhelming thoughts aside. Strength. These are all important factors that need to be fulfilled for a state of bliss inside ourselves, when we are all alone in our rooms at night, the time it is easiest to commit suicide inside, without visible scars. Do you wish to finish the climb, for the breathtaking view? Or are you going to stop midway and give up? At the end of your life do you wish to look back and see a breathtaking story or a blank canvas? Unhappiness is a trap out of which it’s madly hard to climb. Embrace moments.

March 2018, a sky with a story worth telling ⏳

2 thoughts on “The hike on rocky mountain roads begins”

  1. “…we don’t even have evidence to support negative feelings.” This is probably the least understood, or even recognized, part of self-doubt and low self-esteem. Someone puts the idea in our head for no other reason than to inflict hurt and pain, and it ends up controlling us for years and lifetimes.
    Great first post, great writing! Thank you for following me. Good luck with your blog; you’re off to a great start 😉

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